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Holly Heart.
Board of Directors

Irene Pollin, M.S.W.

Irene Pollin, M.S.W., founder and president, has extensive experience with tough medical issues and starting organizations that tackle them. During her career, Pollin has authored two books on health-related topics: Medical Crisis Counseling—Short-Term Therapy for Long-Term Illness and Taking Charge—Overcoming the Challenges of Long-Term Illnesses.

Her many public appearances include “Nightline,” “Good Day New York,” National Public Radio and USA Today Sports. She also has lectured at several academic institutions, including the Harvard School of Public Health. Other organizations Pollin has founded include: Medical Crisis Systems, LLC, which develops health products that help people with chronic illnesses and their families manage their diseases; and the Linda and Kenneth Pollin Foundation, which provides support to organizations involved in medical research, psychological health issues and children’s health.