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Meet Spokersrobot Holly Heart
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Holly Heart.
Holly Heart

Who is Holly Heart?

She has a big heart and is chock-full of useful information about women and heart disease. Holly Heart is Sister to Sister's official talking spokesrobot. Irene Pollin, president and founder of Sister to Sister, commissioned Holly to create awareness about heart disease in women. Holly educates women about preventive measures they can take to keep their hearts healthy.

Holly enjoys meeting new people. She'll even ask you questions to test your knowledge about risk factors associated with heart disease. Holly has a great personality and enjoys singing—her favorite song is borrowed from “The Wizard of Oz”—"If I Only Had a Heart." She lives in Washington, D.C., where Sister to Sister is based, and makes appearances on behalf of the organization.

She has been on the Today show, has been a part of the halftime shows at several NBA and WNBA games, and has spoken at many conferences and events, including National Woman's Heart Day® events.

Invite Holly to Your Heart-Health Event

If your organization is hosting a heart-health related event, you may request a visit from Holly Heart. She makes a fun and knowledgeable guest! Her appearances are limited and there is a charge. Please contact Sister to Sister for more information.