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Holly Heart.
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For joining us at the 2006 National Woman's Heart Day Health Fair!
National woman's heart day
February 17, 2006 • National Woman's Heart Day® • It could save your life.

Do you know that women's heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States? One out of every three women will die of heart disease. That's the bad news…but, the good news is that women's heart disease is often preventable.

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Sister to Sister, a national grassroots nonprofit organization, exists solely to bring free heart disease screenings and "heart-healthy" prevention information and support to all women in order to prevent heart disease, the number one killer of women today. (Read our Mission Statement)

Each year, Sister to Sister sponsors National Woman's Heart Day®. At Sister to Sister's request, the Federal Government has proclaimed the third Friday of every February to be National Woman's Heart Day®. On Friday, February 18, 2005 tens of thousands of women participated in our fun, interactive health fairs held in a dozen major U.S. cities. Many of the women there received heart disease screenings and about half were found to be at risk for heart disease.

At a National Woman's Heart Day® Health Fair you can:

- Get free heart disease screenings with immediate results

- Learn from nationally known experts and celebrities about women and heart disease

- Pick up heart-healthy tips from chefs and fitness trainers

- Have fun, visit interactive exhibits, get tips from beauty experts, and more

- Find out how to reduce your risk factors for women's heart disease

Free Heart Screening on Capitol Hill

Click here to learn about FREE HEART SCREENINGS for all Capitol Hill members and staff.

International Information

Click here to learn about the Sister to Sister International Heart Health Awareness Campaign.


Read the inaugural issue of Because A Woman’s Heart Is Different®, the Foundation’s print newsletter.

Did you see Sister to Sister and National Woman's Heart Day on the Montel Williams Show?
Click here to test your heart-health IQ and learn how you can know your numbers!

The Sister to Sister: Everyone Has A Heart Foundation, Inc. is the only national organization focused on women’s heart disease prevention and screening.

The first National Woman's Heart Day® Health Fair was held in Washington, D.C. in 2001. In 2006 we'll be in fourteen cities!

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